Fine-Art TELA artistica Hahnemühle 80 x 100 cm
TRIADE – Vitales Dreieck (1989) von Giovanni Gambasin
Online seit 19.01.2021
Wertangabe: 250,00 €

#Malerei #Surrealismus #Fantasie
Signiertes Exemplar vom Künstler gedruckt in Fine-Art Leinwand - Hahnemühle, mit Epson 11880 Drucker mit Epson UltraChrome Tinten und Pigmenten, Museumsqualität garantiert, dass sie für 100 Jahre nicht verändert werden.

TRIADE: as the title suggests, the work is composed of three main elements, with well-defined colors and margins, inserted in a background that, instead, appears shaded.

The main door is placed at the bottom to indicate its anchorage to the rules of concreteness that limit and weigh down.

The trees, on the contrary, appear suspended, the roots are visible, also free.

They exemplify the dream, the thought that takes the upper hand over the heaviness of the concrete, hovers in the air, escaping from the traced path.

Because thought needs to explore the unknown without a precise destination in an eternal search. It cannot limit itself and follow already predetermined paths.

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